Practice Makes Perfect!
Is that it?

Well,Iam optimistic that the scroll phrase above is no Greek book to you.Perhaps I should ask for your opinion on this if at all you support it or opoose it.

From my point of view,I would refute it as follows;the results of any art always depend on the intended purpose except that sometimes mistakes can be occasioned by an incorrect practice.
And this is often manifested in ;pronunciation,and in written discourse as well.
So in a nutshell the phrase is far from the truth.

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Mr.Sammy Kimaiyo Serem was born in1963 at Ainop Seetan Village in Mosop sub-county of Nandi County.He holds three diploma certificates ;two from World English Institute (WEI U.S.A)one in intermediate English and the other in advanced .And the third one in advanced business English from the Business English Training College of Manchester England.


Well, there are many reasons why people can not either speak or write English even after learning for many years and not seeing results,it is frastrating! Some of the reasons are as follows;

a) teachers who are not conversant with the language-

b) learners who are not enthusiastic
c) learners do not study enough because they do not know what to study
d) dilettante learners
e) learners do not do research hence perpetuating inherited errors from tutors

What you say is just as important as how you say it.

The fact speaks for itself.

Or let us see the following examples;

era/ 'iara a period of time in history

error /'era a mistake

Most people confuse these two words on how to pronounce each of them.


We are living in an era of instant communication.

Unfortunately, in the above context many people pronounce it as though they mean / error/

Spoken and written English seems to be as easy to get wrong as it is to get right.When you are stuck ,everyone seems to have a different opinion .How do you then find out what is actually right? Simply do research on relevant sources.

Sometimes it turns out that knowing to use a word in a sentence and knowing how to pronounce it are two different things.Here are several words that lots of people tend to get wrong and have no idea.

August noun pron.'O:gAst the eighth month of the year

whereas the same word in small initial letter -a-

august adjective pron./O:'gAst means impressive and respected
an august institution

This adjective is common amongst the members of parliamen.

Unfortunately, it is not always used in the context intended for

Mr.Speaker is the hon. in order in misleading this august house?
But instead they always pronounce it as though they mean ;

Mr.........this eighth parliament?


The Errors Of Commission And Ommission


Many people hitherto still mispronounce the fourth month of the year as april/epril but it is actually pronounced as 'eiprol


same applies to words with same suffix

Didn't /didn't not did didn't

Following/'folauing not 'folauwing
showing etc


This is/this iz

I am/ I am not I yam


Note the following pronunciation in these words;

*your/ jo strong jo:
your / jo "" " jo:
yours/ jo:z
sure / sho
surely/ 'sho:li

The following pictures show how dilettante learners so far we have been in studying the language that is by not approaching it with academic missionary zeal.

It is so shameful that even right at the entrance of an august institution one finds for example
Mapimo Boys High
( with no apostrophe)

Wow! how interesting is the word intergrity instead of integrity!

DSC 0000108

The picture with the word stationers is plural of stationer's British Engish a shop that sells stationery( noun)

DSC 0000096
DSC 0000101

stationary vs stationery

The word STATIONERY is mass noun just as is the word information , sheep or fish!

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Most people confuse between photocopying , photocopy and photocopies just take a quick glimpse at the picture
why not write we do photocopying! (photocopier or photostat machine)
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ballast are small broken stones that are used in building

DSC 0000079

The word Café has an acute accent written above the letter e but it is unfortunate that people overlook the mark though some pronounce it correctly but some do not .

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DSC 0000081 1
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Punctuation is the art of clarifying how a group of words falls together ,contraction,clause and sentence

People are yet to learn why use of punctuation marks is vital and especially on use of apostrophe as possessive case

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DSC 0000082
DSC 0000066 2

DSC 0000068 1

If there is ever a word that people have not realized its misuse is then Butchery meant to mean a shop for selling meat instead of the correct word The Butcher's

DSC 0000065 2DSC 0000061 1
This is the only shop in Kenya that bears the word Butcher's and which is of course used appropriately

Salon not Saloon

DSC 0000075 2DSC 0000074
DSC 0000071 1

Ideally,short form for saint st.and mountain mt. is always written with capital initials St. Mt.


DSC 0000070

St. Andrew

DSC 0000073
In what context is speak in English and speak English is used?
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